Tu Puedes Project

Case study

Community Description

Najayo, San Cristobal is a town in the Dominican Republic located about 30 kilometers (19 miles) west from the capital Santo Domingo and on the main highway; it is well known for its penitentiary. San Cristobal, is the nearest mayor town with a population of approximately 860,000 inhabitants.

Prior conditions and problems facing the community

The need to provide a clean, reliable and accessible water supply is the goal of this project for the school Mision Tu Puedes, in Najayo, San Cristobal. The school presently depends on water delivered by the municipal water system through a single 3/4″ diameter PVC tube which supplies water to a faucet of the school’s ground floor. The water is supplied with little pressure and because there is no means of storage, the water is little used. The school building is a 3 story concrete structure with a 450—gallon plastic storage tank located on the first floor level. The tank is not presently used for storage due to the inability to store the water for lack of a water pump.

Construction Considerations

The Mision Tu Puedes School project achieved all the goals that it outlined in the initial proposal.


Achieved the goal of providing a reliable and accessible water supply for the school.


Provided an abundant supply by means of a 2500 gallon cistern on the ground and the relocation to the school rooftop of a 450 gallon storage tank.


Hook-up to the bathrooms on three floors of the school.


The system is maintained by a 1/2 hp water pump which delivers water from the cistern to the 450 gallon storage tank on the roof.


The system has the advantage that it requires little maintenance since the system is all automatic requiring no human intervention except for periodic maintenance.


Hermandad was responsible for providing the technical expertise related to this project. Mision Tu Puedes under the leadership and with the cooperation of Ms. Deborah Damiani, director of the school, whose determination and persistence made it all possible; the children will now have a better learning environment as a result of the major improvement in the water used for washing and cleaning.

This water project has impacted the daily lives of the school and community in a significant way by providing a reliable water source to the students and teachers. The school is less dependent on a source of a non-reliable municipal supply. The storage capacity provided by the newly built cistern and the storage tank, has greatly benefited students, teachers and those that use the school facilities.

The access to water will significantly improve the health and hygiene of the students and time will reveal that a major accomplishment of this project is a reduction in water related illnesses. We will maintain close contact with the school principal Ms. Damiani and monitor the success of this project.

Join us in our mission to bring safe water and the dignity of a toilet to people in need, giving women hope, children health and communities a future.

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