How can I get involved?

Our experience is that people of all walks of life are interested in work of this nature. That may include you. Some of us started in this work because we happened upon a squatter housing settlement in a third world country. Others found a book in a library or heard a sermon by a missionary that opened them up to the needs of people beyond their borders. This can be a most rewarding step in your life.

Here are some suggestions on ways to become involved in the work of Hermandad. Please consider what works best for you.

  • 1

    Offer to make available human, material, or financial resources as appropriate to help in the development projects of the poorest of the poor of Latin America and the Caribbean. Since we are a self-help effort rather than a relief organization, our focus is on catalyzing human growth and human development objectives.

  • 2

    Visit our project site in Bani, Dominican Republic with your friends and organization. We encourage “people to people” contact. Visitors like yourself, if you wish, may work side by side with rural peoples, to see what it takes for these farming families to meet basic human needs.

  • 3

    Start an on-site fund-raising event using materials, videos and/or speakers supplied by a Hermandad chapter. Call us at 347-709-0190 for more details.

  • 4

    Attend a function, training program, or a board meeting of Hermandad, Inc. which generally meets four times a year in the New York metropolitan area.

  • 5

    Become a regular or one time supporter of our activities by sending your tax deductible contribution to:
    Hermandad Inc. PO Box 286269 New York, NY 10128.

  • 6

    Message us using our short contact form or visit our field office in Dominican Republic. You may also phone/fax us at 1-809-522-4571 or 347-709-0190.