Boca de Hummo

Boca de Humo is a small community, near the town of El Cercado in the Dominican Republic and is approximately 30 kilometers from the Haitian border. Boca de Humo is in the foothills sitting between two mountain ranges, the La Sierra de Neiba and the Cordillera Central. The principal economic activity of Boca de Humo and the surrounding communities is the cultivation of beans, corn, rice and coffee, including fruits and vegetables.

Los Palos Amargos

Los Palos Amargos is a small village in the Dominican Republic located 8 kilometers north east from Las Matas de Farfan, the nearest major town and 23 kilometers from the Haitian border.

El Seibo Housing Project

Hermandad Inc. and Hermandad Dominicana (our sister organization in the DR) are now working directly with the First Lady’s organization, “Progresando,” on a housing project in El Seibo.

Tu Puedes Project

Najayo, San Cristobal is a town in the Dominican Republic located about 30 kilometers (19 miles) west from the capital Santo Domingo and on the main highway; it is well known for its penitentiary.

Los Paredones Project

Los Paredones is located between two mountain ranges; the La Sierra de Neiba to the south and the Cordillera Central to the north.

Los Corocitos Water Project

Los Corocitos is a farming village northeast of Las Matas de Farfan (Province of San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic).

Francisco Mateo

Hermandad has been working with the assistance of Rotary, the Sisters of Charity, Fund for the Poor, and Oxfam, to bring potable water and health education to Francisco Mateo and the surrounding area.

Al Campo

Al Campo Inc., an alliance of twelve communities formed with Hermandad’s assistance, currently partners with Hermandad in the implementation of a wide-reaching integrated rural development program supported by various national and international institutions.

Peace Corps Training

Hermandad’s Field Coordinator, Rafael Custodio, has currently completed his second session of assisting in training new Peace Corps Volunteers in water and sanitation.

Soana Mani

In the community of Soana Mani, Hermandad completed a repair project of an existing water tank, as well as modification of an existing water pump due to the lowering of the local water table.