Boca de Hummo

Case study

Community Description

Boca de Humo (N18 °41.112 W071° 31.772) is a small community, near the town of El Cercado in the Dominican Republic and is approximately 30 kilometers from the Haitian border. Boca de Humo is in the foothills sitting between two mountain ranges, the La Sierra de Neiba and the Cordillera Central. The principal economic activity of Boca de Humo and the surrounding communities is the cultivation of beans, corn, rice and coffee, including fruits and vegetables. Boca de Humo is one of 15 rural communities that includes 60 villages, served by the church of San Pedro Apostol of El Cercado. The church provides assistance through the Social Ministry Committee which is responsible in aiding community needs including the repair of many of the water networks that supply water to area residents.

These water systems have been damaged by storms, have fallen into disrepair for lack of maintenance and require reconstruction to better serve the increasing water needs of the community.

Existing conditions and problems facing the community

The need to provide a clean, reliable and accessible water supply is the goal of the Boca de Humo project. The community which is made up of several villages which include El Palmar-Guayabal and Boca de Humo & La Vicenta, consist of 155 families and 559 people; presently these villages rely on the water from this spring box for most of the water needs and after the damage of the spring box due to storms, the supply has diminished to a trickle. Residents have had to depend on water truck deliveries and drinking from contaminated streams for an alternative source. The need of a reconstructed spring box can begin to alleviate the lack of water which this community has experienced for many months. The water system will also provide water for irrigation to small plots of land cultivated by the community.


To provide a reliable water system to Boca de Humo by the reconstruction/repair of the spring box.

BThe system to provide water to the community, affecting 155 families.

CReconstruction of the spring box and the placement of two (2) 4”dia. pressure pvc tubes for the spring box.

DCommunity labor will provide all of the necessary work for the repair of the box and replacement of the tubes.

Construction Considerations

The Boca de Humo project achieved all the goals that it set out to complete.

  1. Achieved the goal of providing a reliable , accessible and abundant water supply for the community of 155 families.
  2. Provided an abundant supply by repairing the damaged spring box and replacing 5 pvc tubes which were part of the water distribution.
  3. Reconstruction of the spring box and the replacement of the water supply with a new 3” supply.
  4. The water system is maintained by the water committee and requires periodic maintenance that includes cleaning and periodic repair to the spring box.

Financial Consideration

The project budget itemized the project as per the following:

Project Summary:

Material RD$ US$
2- 4”dia SDR PVC Tubes $ 2,500 59.52
6 Cement Bags $ 1,680 40.00
Management Fee- 1day $ 2,500 59.52
Community Labor 30 men x 1/2 dayx$1500/day $ 22,500 535.71
$ 29,180 $694.75
1 US$ =RD$42
  • The church of San Pedro Apostol of El Cercado supplied 100% of the materials and funding.
  • Engineering/Management assistance was provided by Hermandad technicians.
  • The labor was provided by the communities involved which include Boca de Humo & La Vicenta and El Palmar-Guayabal.

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